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By: Ashly Goodlet
vsco cam tutorial, If you use Instagram, chances are you've seen a photo edited with VSCO To date, nearly 200 million photos on Instagram have been tagged with the photo editing app's two main hashtags, #vsco and #vscocam. It is the best app for taking a photo from bland to beautiful in just a couple of taps, and it does so with panache and grace. Super Slow, Not Very User Friendly I decided to try this app in hopes that it might be a decent alternative to Instagram since I really dislike their recent changes. I have taken a handful of the VSCO presets, tweaked them to my liking, and then saved them to use later. This is why a comparison between VSCO Cam and other photo based social networks doesn't make sense, as VSCO Cam behaves unlike any of them.

VSCO's co-founder sees the app as a way for creatives to show off their best work—a highlight reel that rewards artistic merit and unsung talent". Easily share your images with friends and family via VSCO Grid?, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Gallery.

The app has a sort of photographer's light table experience, where you import a photo from your library or the camera, then decide what to do with it. Touching a photo on your light table brings up a bank of buttons at the bottom for flagging it for later, performing edits, sharing to social networks, or deleting it.

Let's start with the camera function, which most apps kind of suck at. I usually use the stock Camera app for this reason, but the VSCO Cam, er, camera comes with a few neat tricks built in. Similar to a few other advanced camera apps, you can separately define focus and exposure points; unlike most other apps, though, you can also lock white balance independently as well.

VSCO Film cut my editing time in half, when I started using VSCO Keys, my editing time was cut in half again. The problems I have are mostly the result of my expectations of an app made by a company which also makes tools for professional photographers. Utilizing our innovative processing technology, VSCO Cam yields elegant results, previously unattainable on the iPhone. VSCO purchased the photo printing company Artifact Uprising and its 14-person team in January. Different filters bring out different aspects of an image so combining them can create great results. Think of it as a mini, in-app social network that allows vsco filters tumblr users to follow one another. The Retrolux filters often begin with their contrast and saturation cranked up, along with faux light leaks and scratches.
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