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By: Tisha Musselman
Planning a trip to India and not visiting the beaches cannot complete your vacations things to do list in the most exotic place as India. The amazingly beautiful natural surroundings along the beaches with deep blue waters and green forests surely make them a heaven on earth! If you have really come to the place for peace of mind then what could be more relaxing then just laying down the sand on the beach with sounds of water and cool winds blowing.Get a duffel or backpack bag and limit yourself to it. This imposes a strict space limit on you and saves you from extra baggage fees. They also are simpler to handle than roll-away bags on India's uneven streets.

Among the largest beaches in the Northern part of Goa is Calangute which is very popular among the tourists who come to visit the place all twelve months year round. One would be amazed to see the huge number of domestic and foreign tourists that come to this beautiful spot to celebrate the New Years Eve and the big day of Christmas! Also the other month in which you could enjoy here is the month of May. The Parasailing experience and the Tinto Market here is just amazing!

Few of the other beaches that you could look forward to visiting if you have more time to stay along with your friends or family are as follows. These are popular in their own respective way and provide for that thrill and engagement you wanted.

If you are going to be in India as a traveler, this is something which should be sorted out at the beginning of your travel. However, if you are extending your stay, the rules have been changing over the full years. Have a look at the freshest details on says "individually folding items of clothing, then stacking them atop one another, is just about the worst thing you can do from a packing perspective." Pick a core wrap and object successive layers of clothing around it until you have a clothing ball. 6 months to 1 year with single, multiple or double entries. If you are considering a holiday in India and nothing more, then a 3 months visa is fine as it will be slightly cheaper than other visas.

You will probably have to switch planes at least once during your travel to India and possibly airlines too. Be sure to check the weight limits permitted for carry-on bags and free checked bags at each of your booked airlines to avoid surprise fees at the airports.

Indian Food - Veggies

On my last trip to India, I stopped in Singapore on the real way there and Japan on the way back. Try to have fun at your layovers because you are given by them a break from flying. Just don't have so much fun that you miss your connecting flight to India!

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Yes, there was plenty of staring and sometimes our twins felt shy when they became the focus of attention - or were asked to be photographed by strangers. But with regards to bridging a cultural divide and striking up a rapport with local people, travelling with children smoothed the way far more easily than if I'd been visiting India on my own.

Touching the Bay of Bengal is the Golden beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which is a popular tourist spot for the people residing in and around the place. The tourist flock the place for the cool waters view all around and the amazing experience of basking in the sun in the beach! This exotic place is located along the east coast road from Chennai if you are planning to come here.

Health and Safety: Visiting India and not getting travelers diarrhea is pretty rare. Make sure you have a decent first aid kit and don't ever drink the tap water. Eating street food is fine as long as it is well cooked and cooked in front of you, don't eat stuff that may have been there forever. Potato and omelette type dishes seem safest. You should have vaccinations for some diseases - speak to a travel nurse - but although your doctor will recommend you take malaria pills it really isn't worth it. Only Sikkim and Goa are risky malaria zones and only about thirty travelers a year in Goa get malaria. Anti-malarials have a lot of horrid side effects. Use bug spray and a mosquito net if necessary. Theft is a huge problem in India but the majority of this can be avoided by not letting seemingly friendly people approach you. Nothing is free in India and as a rule the social people see westerners as rich and stupid. Touts will sell you stuff at very high rates and people will outright lie to you about transport, distances and prices if they think they can generate income out of you. If you choose to buy drugs don't buy them from tuk tuk drivers. If the police catch you then bribe them; about 500RS will get you off the hook assuming you only had marijuana usually. Foreign women will constantly be stared at and approached by pushy Hindu men. Wearing a ring can help but ultimately it's best to have a travel buddy. Shout loudly at people who touch or photograph you without permission. Never trust anyone with your belongings. Some Indians will steal shoes from outside a temple even. In my experience Muslims and Sikhs are much more trustworthy than the predominant Hindu population.

The place of Mahabalipuram is considered as a holy place with temples on the shore of the beaches where thousands of tourists flock all year round. The Arjuna's Penance with five rathas and the large tiger cave is among the major attractions of the place. Also there is the heritage spot of Dakshinachitra where the traditional dance and culture of the local people of states is demonstrated with great zeal.

India Travel Spots can offer you with more on the list of best beaches in India. access to ATMs and international banks is pretty easy. Most places also accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Carry a reasonable amount of cash and then withdraw regularly. For long stay travelers, getting a bank account is near to impossible. Ensure that Indian friends can help you with online bookings etc so they can be paid by you in cash.
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